When it comes to professional photography, it is seen that many different themes are included in the photographs. The photography technique where the main article is inanimate objects is known as Still Life photography product. The pictures created by different things are taken by Zeynep Gizem Yurtsever, the professional and award-winning photographer of our Chloe Blanc photography studio.

The still life technique, mainly used in product promotions, is the common choice of many people. Chloe Blanc, one of the best photo studios in Northampton, produces very successful results in Still Life photography. It is possible to complete your works such as food photography, architectural photography, and fashion photography with the Still Life photography product method. You can take the shot you want in a short time through Chloe Blanc photo studio.

About Us

Zeynep Gizem Yurtsever graduated from the Department of Interior Architecture in Cyprus. Later, she took the first step into photography as an amateur with his passion for photography. Zeynep Gizem Yurtsever, who has been photographing professionally for three years, immortalizes your special moments with the beautiful shots she captured at the Chloe Blanc photography studio in Northampton.

She won awards with six different photographs in two categories at the UK Portrait Masters Competition in January 2020 and July 2020. She has been working as a professional photographer in Northampton since 2021.

Why Should You Choose Chloe Blanc Studios?

Those looking for a photo studio in Northampton get the best quality shots thanks to Chloe Blanc. Photographs taken with the still life technique are among the indispensable pictures of many catalog works. Generally, photographs without human figures are arranged comprehensively. Thus, more aesthetic and artistic photos emerge. The shootings made by Zeynep Gizem Yurtsever succeed in completely satisfying you.

Professional photography of any object is possible thanks to the Still Life Photography technique in Chloe Blanc photo studio. Selected objects, which are the main elements of the photographs, affect the viewers with interesting poses. Chloe Blanc, who has done reliable and successful works in Still Life photography products, is honored to host you in Northamptonshire photography studios with the most advanced cameras and shooting techniques.

Still Life Photography Art

Taking a good style life photo is possible if the proper techniques are known. Our professional photographer, Zeynep Gizem Yurtsever, creates images in any style you want by using different methods. The shutter focuses on the target object to emphasize the story being told. In addition, the beam angle is carefully adjusted. Chloe Blanc, one of the best photography studios in Northampton, applies professional shooting techniques most accurately. In this way, high-quality artistic photographs come out.

We track the most successful results for you with our professional photographers who know the tricks of the camera and shooting. Photographs that look artistic on the one hand and highly realistic on the other play an essential role in promoting objects. With the assurance of Chloe Blanc photo studios, you can shoot Still Life photography products inside the studio or outdoors.


Chloe Blanc is a professional, trusted photography studio. We are based in London and have a passion for photography. We love to create beautiful, natural, and timeless images that will become cherished heirlooms for generations to come. Contact us today to book your shoot!

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