Pregnancy is one of the most memorable periods in women’s lives. Undoubtedly, this period, which is the turning point in mothers’ lives, is an extraordinary period. Who wouldn’t like a baby will be born like sunshine into your life? You must immortalize such an important event, which is one of the turning points of your life, with the art of pregnancy photography. If you want to perpetuate these unforgettable moments with our professional and award-winning photographer Zeynep Gizem Yurtsever, we invite you to our Chloe Blanc photo studios in Northampton.

An Exclusive Photography Studio in Northampton:  Chloe Blanc Photo Studios

In our photography studio in Northampton, we create a comfortable and modern environment for all your requests and needs regarding the pregnancy photography concept. You can come to our studio for a pregnancy, and newborn photos shoot with your spouse and have memories that will remind you of these days with professional machines and our awarded photographer. In line with your request, and if the weather conditions are suitable, we also provide professional exterior shooting in Northamptonshire for your Pregnancy photos.

When Do We Take Pregnancy Photos?

Pregnancy photography shoots are usually organized 5-6 weeks before birth because, after the 34th week, the mothers’ belly looks more prominent and cute. Apart from these external factors, the most important time for Pregnancy photography is when the mother feels herself really good J.

Pregnancy Photo Sooting Process

After the most suitable day for Pregnancy photography in Northampton is decided with the family, the photoshoot is determined. Afterward, details such as clothing, makeup, and accessories of our couple, prepared for the shooting, are decided by our professional photographer Zeynep Gizem Yurtsever. You can be sure that beautiful, unforgettable photo frames will come out with color harmony, the atmosphere of the shooting environment, and energy.

At the Northamptonshire pregnancy photography event, all kinds of requests of the couples are accepted during the photographing period. Especially ultrasound photos, tiny shoes, and other cute details enrich the visuality of our shoot. According to your request, we can present your photos either in digital media or in the form of an album.

How Long Does It Take?

Pregnancy photography shooting time takes 1-2 hours on average. We will host you in our Northampton photoshoot studio and make you feel at home during this time. You can immortalize all kinds of special days by contacting us on our website.

What are the Other Photography Concepts and Themes?

Except for Pregnancy photography, you can learn detailed information about different popular thematic photography such as Family Photography, Christmas Photography, Newborn Photography, etc.  You can also contact us and reserve your place in a specific time period for a photoshoot in our Northampton photo studio. You will love the fabulous photo frames we will create with the reflection of your natural beauty. Let us immortalize those moments as you enjoy them.


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