Jewellry Photography covers the product photography of businesses operating in the jewellry industry. At Chloe Blanc photo studio in Northampton, we photograph your jewellery products in detail, and when necessary, we ensure that these photos are retouched, cleaned, and made more beautiful with programs such as Photoshop. Organized by our award-winning photographer Zeynep Gizem Yurtsever, you can take your Jewellery Photography shots professionally in our photo studio in Northamptonshire, and present your products the best way possible.

Things to Consider in Jewellery Photography

There are many points to be considered when taking a Jewellery Photography. The most important of these points is the use of the most suitable equipment for this photographing process. In our photo studio in Northampton, we use high-resolution cameras for jewelry photography. By taking photos with the most suitable resolution for your products, we provide better quality photos. In addition, modern cameras should be preferred to obtain high quality photos with sufficient print size.

One of the indispensable pieces of equipment for jewelry photography is a tripod. Especially during the acquisition of close details, a sensitive shooting technique is required that cannot be taken manually. The camera positioned on the tripod is adjusted according to the product to be shot, and the shutter is pressed with the remote control. In this way, a sharp and detailed picture of the jewellery is taken without the shaking of the machine or any other product.

Why Should You Choose Us?

Our Chloe Blanc photo studios in Northampton have all these facilities mentioned above. Apart from this, our studio has special light technology that will show the quality of your products in the best way. All your product, promotion, fashion, and jewellery shootings are taken by our professional photographer Zeynep Gizem Yurtsever. Zeynep Gizem Yurtsever won awards with six different photographs in two categories at the UK Portrait Masters Competition in January 2020 and July 2020. You can view these award-winning photos on our website.

How Much Are Jewellery Photography Fees?

Since our Jewellery Photography shoots can be shaped according to your wishes, the prices may vary according to the concept. We determine the Jewellery Photography at the most reasonable prices by deciding together the best among the options we offer you. We will present all these possibilities in our Northampton photo studio.  For more information and exact price, you can contact us via our website.

What are the Other Photography Concepts and Themes?

Except for Jewellery photography, you can learn detailed information about different popular thematic photography such as Fashion Product Photography, E-commerce photography, Still Life photography product, Celebrations photography, etc. You can also contact us and reserve your place in a specific time period for a photoshoot in our Northamptonshire photo studio. You will love the fantastic photo frames we will create with the reflection of your natural beauty. Let us immortalize those moments as you enjoy them.


Chloe Blanc is a professional, trusted photography studio. We are based in London and have a passion for photography. We love to create beautiful, natural, and timeless images that will become cherished heirlooms for generations to come. Contact us today to book your shoot!

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