Thanks to our professional and award-winning photographer Zeynep Gizem Yurtsever, Fine Art Portraits photography, performed by very few photographers in the world, can be performed in our Chloe Blanc photography studio in Northampton. This technique, which has become a slogan as the “art of making photographs rather than taking photographs”, produces beautiful results blended with the artistic side of photography. With the use of special Fine Art Photography techniques, you will have beautiful and meaningful photos.

You can view our “The Portrait Masters” award-winning photographs in the Fine Art photography field on our website, taken by our professional photographer Zeynep Gizem Yurtsever. If you want to have beautiful photos with the Fine Art Photography technique, you can have your artistic portrait, which is the best reflection of your beauty, by booking Chloe Blanc photo studios in Northampton.

Who is Zeynep Gizem Yurtsever?

Zeynep Gizem Yurtsever graduated from the Department of Interior Architecture in Cyprus. Later, she took the first step into photography as an amateur with his passion for photography. She won awards with six different photographs in two categories at the UK Portrait Masters Competition in January 2020 and July 2020.She has been working as a professional photographer in Northampton since 2021. You can visit our website for detailed information about all our shootings and our photo studio in Northamptonshire.

What is the Fine Art Portraits Photography Technique?

Fine Art Portraits photography, which we have just started to see in the field of photography, are artistic photographs that appear with a special light, professional shooting, and appropriate poses. They are created by going through a more technical process than standard processing after shooting.

We will increase the quality of our shots by using the “fine art” technique performed by very few photographers. Our professional staff will guide you and be with you for all your needs during our Fine Art Portraits photography studio shooting. Thanks to this technique, we create more ancient, more cinemograph, and more effective portrait photos. You can join these artistic photoshoots individually or as a family at our Chloe Blanc photo studio in Northampton.

How Much Are Fine Art Portraits Photography Fees?

Fine Art Portraits photography technique is more expensive than other shots because it is a masterful and time-consuming photography type. However, when you see that your natural beauty looks like an oil painting as a result of an artistic work, you will realize that the price you will pay is worth for this artistic work. You can examine the Fine Art Photography samples on our website.

What are the Other Photography Concepts and Themes?

Except for Fine Art Portraits Photography, you can learn detailed information about different popular thematic photography, such as Family Photography, Christmas Photography, Celebrations Photography, Fashion Product Photography, Jewellery Photography, etc. You can also contact us and reserve your place in a specific time period for a photoshoot in our Northamptonshire photo studio. You will love the fantastic photo frames we will create with the reflection of your


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