No one wants to buy any garment they like in the store without trying them on and even before someone else’s opinion. Because no matter how much you like it or believe how beautiful it is, you cannot know whether it fits your body without seeing it on yourself. Fashion photography arises from this simple logic. If you want to promote your product professionally, we invite you to our photo studios in Northampton.

While promoting your brand and product, we will help you make the sales you target with our advanced lighting technology and modern studio facilities. You can make your Fashion Product shots either to promote your product or for yourself with handmade products we bring from Turkey. You will experience exciting moments with professional photos of our award-winning photographer, Zeynep Gizem Yurtsever, at every moment of these shots where you will feel like a star.

Why Should You Choose Chloe Blanc Studios?

We can organize your fashion product shoots either in our modern photo studios in Northamptonshire, or natural areas outside the studio. High resolution cameras and lighting systems are used in these shots, which will take place through the lens of Zeynep Gizem Yurtsever, the founder of Chloe Blanc studios. Zeynep Gizem Yurtsever won awards with six different photographs in two categories at the UK Portrait Masters Competition in January 2020 and July 2020. You can view these award-winning photos on our website.

What is Fashion Product photography?

Fashion photography is the name given to all of the work done to magazines, fashion houses, and advertising agencies, usually by either studio shooters or freelance photographers. It is also known as fashion photography, catalog photography, or photo model photography. The aim of fashion photography is to create images that contain artistic elements.

Take Your Product to the Top with Quality Shots in Chloe Blanc Studios

We serve you as a professional photo studio in Northampton with our expert staff in the field of fashion photography. We invite you to Chloe Blanc Studios to meet artistic shots that make a difference with our visual items renewed every season in the fashion photography sector. If you want to have unique fashion shots for your products in order to grow and gain success, we invite you to the best photo studio in Northampton.

What are the Other Photography Concepts and Themes?

Except for Fashion Product Photography, you can learn detailed information about different popular thematic photography such as Jewellery Photography, E-commerce Photography, Still Life Photography Product, Celebrations Photography, etc. You can also contact us and reserve your place in a specific time period for a photoshoot in our Northamptonshire photo studio. You will love the fantastic photo frames we will create with the reflection of your natural beauty. Let us immortalize those moments as you enjoy them.


Chloe Blanc is a professional, trusted photography studio. We are based in London and have a passion for photography. We love to create beautiful, natural, and timeless images that will become cherished heirlooms for generations to come. Contact us today to book your shoot!

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