Many nations celebrate Christmas every year, which is among the most memorable days. Christmas, which everyone celebrates, regardless of young or old, is also the subject of the photos. We perform our Creative Christmas-themed photoshoots taken by award-winning photographer Zeynep Gizem Yurtsever in Chloe Blanc photo studios. Creating pictures that reflect the Christmas theme and remind people of the Christmas celebration is the general purpose of our shoot.

With Christmas-themed photoshoots, you can create celebration cards with your photos. In our studio, we have made one of the best photography environments in Northampton for you; The light setting, amount of shadow, sharpness, and contrast can arrange according to the Christmas theme.

Chloe Blanc Effect on Creative Christmas Celebration Photos

You can visit our Chloe Blanc photo studio to take creative Christmas celebration photos. Our studio, in which different photography techniques and creative shooting methods were used, managed to be among the best photography studios in Northamptonshire in a short time. The Chloe Blanc effect on your Christmas-themed photos allows you to have original and exciting photos.

High-resolution cameras and lighting systems are used in photo shoots with the contribution of award-winning photographer Zeynep Gizem Yurtsever. Christmas photos that will create a smile on your face make you happy with our amusing photo shooting moment.

Professional Shooting Techniques for Creative Christmas Celebration Photos

Your satisfaction and wishes are the most important issue for Chloe Blanc photo studio. For this reason, the shooting techniques to be used in Christmas celebrated photographs are shaped according to your request. It is possible to make the shooting more sincere and realistic by using accessories suitable for the Christmas theme. By feeling happy and peaceful, you will have a pleasant photo shooting process. You can have unforgettable Christmas photos with Chloe Blanc, one of the best photo studios in Northampton.

Why Should You Choose Chloe Blanc Studios?

We can organize your shoots at our modern photo studios in Northamptonshire, or natural areas outside the studio. High-resolution cameras and lighting systems are used in these shots, which will take place through the lens of Zeynep Gizem Yurtsever, the founder of Chloe Blanc studios. Zeynep Gizem Yurtsever won awards with six different photographs in two categories at the UK Portrait Masters Competition in January 2020 and July 2020. You can view these award-winning photos on our website.

How Long Does It Take?

Pregnancy photography shooting time takes 1-2 hours on average. We will host you in our Northampton photoshoot studio and make you feel at home during this time. You can immortalize all kinds of special days by contacting us on our website.

Various Photography Concepts in Chloe Blanc Professional Photo Studio

You can learn detailed information about different famous thematic shots such as Family Photography, Pregnancy Photography, and Newborn Photography by visiting our other pages. You can also contact us and reserve your place at a specific time for a photo shoot in our Northamptonshire photo studio. You will love the fabulous photo frames we will create with the reflection of your natural beauty. Let us immortalize those moments as you enjoy them.


Chloe Blanc is a professional, trusted photography studio. We are based in London and have a passion for photography. We love to create beautiful, natural, and timeless images that will become cherished heirlooms for generations to come. Contact us today to book your shoot!

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